Total lifestyle coaching

As a progressive health institute, BodyMentors works using a unique method that guarantees success. We call this approach ‘Total LifeStyle Coaching’; a complete program that goes much further than personal training. At BodyMentors, you are supervised by a complete team of specialists in the field of training, effort, mobility, coaching and nutrition.


At BodyMentors, we always start with an intake interview. During that interview, we cover your motivation, personal goals, and expectations. Following this, we measure your current situation. Our physiologist conducts a sport-medical test, of which the results are used to create the framework for your wishes and generate an individual program. To effectively display progress and establish new goals, we repeat this measuring moment at the start of each training period.

Premium Personal Training

Personal training has a central place within our approach. It is the most intensive and effective form of training that guarantees results. Our complete team works with the same method and the program that has been stipulated in our TLC program. Thus, you directly work towards the realization of your personal goals in phases, together with our trainers.

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Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving the best results. Within BodyMentors, you are therefore coached well in terms of nutrition. This approach is also individual, because the pattern, the quantity and the type of food that is ideal for you, differs per body and per training goal. In this, balance is the key word once more; it is about finding an attuned pattern through which your personal objectives can be quickly realized. And that does not mean you will have to eat like a monk.

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After a period of intensive training, your body needs time to recover. To stimulate that recovery and prevent and heal injuries, BodyMentors members can make use of our masseuse(s) and physical therapists.

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Data and monitoring

Total LifeStyle Coaching is a modern approach that is based on monitoring and data. Using modern techniques, we can display your progress, down to the smallest details. The program, the schedule, the exercises, and your progress are measured and documented by our trainers in our TLC program.

This way, we can quickly measure how your body responds to new incentives and adjust accordingly to achieve maximum results.
On top of this, by making the information centrally available, you always train with the same goal – regardless of the trainer, the time of the day or the location at which you’re training.


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